Jeremiah Clark – 03.03.2015
1} Practicing Lines
2} Show Me Love
3} United States Dividing
4} Make-Believing
5} The Storm Song
6} A Bitter Aftertaste
7} Just Another Sad Song
8} History Book
9} An Easy Surrender
10} Ten Feet Tall on Tequila
11} Bonus Track: Understood?

Born & Raised – 2011
1} Born & Raised
2} 4-3-2-1
3} It’s Gonna Be Alright
4} All Through the Night
5} My Brightside
6} He Reminds Me
7} Regrets of Yesterday
8} Ghosts
9} In My Final Hour


Rejoice! – 2013
1} Rejoice!

EPs (OUT OF PRINT)——————–

Leaving a Broken Heart – 2009
1} The Song Goes On
2} A Bitter Aftertaste
3} Leaving a Broken Heart
4} An Echoed Sound
5} Pages


As Much As Me
Back to Life
Gone Again
Him and Nicotene
It’s Over Now
A Mother’s Lullaby
So Much for San Antonio
Sober Blood
Wake Up
You’re Gone

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