Life Changes Show Radio Interview & Live Performance
Hosts: Filippo Voltaggio & Mark Laisure
Radio Show: Life Changes Show

Singer-songwriter and One-time Pittsburgh Resident Jeremiah Clark Wants Audiences to Relate to Him as a Real Person
Author: Mike Shanley
Publication: Pittsburgh City Paper

Jeremiah Clark Creates Musical Pictures in the Desert
Author: Will Dean
Publication: Desert Outlook (Desert Sun)

Jeremiah Clark Embraces Role as Traveling Musician
Author: Michelle Roe
Publication: Palm Springs Life

New Music Monday: Jeremiah Clark
Author: Nick Mattos
Publication: PQ Monthly

Gay artist works to promote Just Another Sad Song
Author: Anthony Greer
Publication: Seattle Gay News

Clark Bars: Jeremiah Clark brings his sweet, smart pop to Black Fox
Author: Doug Rule
Publication: Metro Weekly

POZ AIDS Walk New York 2011 Party
Author: Giovanni Vitacolonna
Publication: POZ TV

Best Albums of 2010: Arcade Fire and Girl Talk are Not on Here
Author: Andrew Couthern
Publication: Richmond Playlist

The Positive Impact of Jeremiah Clark
Author: Stephanie DeBalko
Publication: The Weekender

Big Spring Tour 2010 Hits Seattle
Author: Shawn Knittel
Publication: Seattle Gay News

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